Recent updates (latest: items!, reset button, fixes)

There's a lot to update for Baldur's Gate 3! Here's a quick overview:

Recently added (recent first):

  • (Sep 18) A few smaller fixes
  • (Sep 17) Add a button to reset the character
  • (Sep 17) Automatically update the URL when character changes. Share/copy button now instantly copies the link.
  • (Sep 17) Various small fixes and updates
  • (Sep 17) Fix some elements sometimes clashing with tooltips' positions on mobile
  • (Sep 16) Many, many more items and bonuses, from all Acts of the released game!
  • (Sep 16) Various GUI fixes and improvements
  • (Sep 9) Fix various reported issues. (Sorry, this week has been a difficult one; probably more and more interesting updates next week!)
  • (Sep 4) Fix level down / class removal not clearing the level's Feats, ASIs, other choices, and any Ability boosts therein (thanks for reporting these!)
  • (Sep 2) ⛪ Clerics! (All levels and subclasses) (All classes updated with all levels and subclasses now! ✨)
  • (Sep 2) 🐻 Druids! (All levels and subclasses)
  • (Aug 31) Fix "Resilient" Feat not affecting Ability scores table
  • (Aug 31) Add two missing Feats (Bard and Sorcerer type "Magic Initiate")
  • (Aug 27) 🧙 Wizards! (All levels and subclasses)
  • (Aug 28) Fix some missing labels and descriptions for some Races (and a few other, smaller bugs).
  • (Aug 28) Fix missing feats at lvl 8 and 12 for Barbarians! (Thanks for reporting this bug!)
  • (Aug 27) 🪓 Barbarians! (All levels and subclasses)
  • (Aug 26) 👊 Monks! (All levels and subclasses)
  • (Aug 26) Disable already-selected Feats/Fighting Style/Favored Enemy/etc, except for those few that are repeatable
  • (Aug 25) Update all (sub)races!
  • (Aug 24) Feats! (Now includes all the new ones, and lists them alphabetically)
  • (Aug 23) 🤘 Warlocks! (All levels and subclasses)
  • (Aug 23) Make Feats with +1 apply to Ability table (note that Feats are still only the Early Access ones – but of course the rest will be added too)
  • (Aug 22) Fix Rangers' Natural Explorer and Favored Enemy at lvl 6 and 10 always becoming the one from lvl 1
  • (Aug 20) 🏹 Rangers! (All levels and subclasses)
  • (Aug 20) Spoiler warning by item selector button (thanks for this suggestion!)
  • (Aug 18) Fix inconsistent ft/m in ranges, show both "ft" and "m" units
  • (Aug 18) More informative tooltips
  • (Aug 17) Fix Fighters missing Feats at lvl 8 & 12
  • (Aug 16) ⚔️ Fighters! (All levels and subclasses)
  • (Aug 14) Fixed Assassins' stuff being listed as Thief stuff in the overview. (Thanks for reporting this!)
  • (Aug 13) 🫥 Rogues! (All levels and subclasses)
  • (Aug 12) Fix bug in reading shared character links when character had a class above lvl 10 (thanks for reporting this!)
  • (Aug 11) Fix bug making lvl 4 feats the same across classes when multiclassing (thanks for reporting this!)
  • (Aug 10) ⚡ Sorcerers! (All levels and subclasses)
  • (Aug 8) 🎸 Bards! (All levels and subclasses)
  • (Aug 7) 🦸 Paladins! (All levels and subclasses)
  • (Aug 6) Monks: lvl 1-5, including subclasses
  • (Aug 5) New race: Half-Orcs
  • (Aug 4) New race: Dragonborn
  • (Aug 4) New general +2/+1 ability boost for all races
  • (Aug 2) Fixed: Level 4 ability score increases didn't update ability score table
  • (Aug 2) Multiclassing (basic)
  • (Aug 2) Build-defining items

Some of the many things to add:

  • (WIP) Some polish for Druids: some wild shape variant updates, some land-circle spell list improvements (an update which will also be give lead to more detailed info on Warlocks)
  • Support selecting the Origins
  • Update the Backgrounds
  • Improvements to multiclassing support
  • Skill selection
  • Spell selection
  • Better spell info
  • More intuitive class removal (until then: level down past 1 to remove)
  • (Countless other things)
  • Drink more coffee
  • At some point, I want to play the game too.

Thanks a lot to those of you who have pointed out my typos/etc and/or bought me coffee!



When a good game contains many choices about how to specialize your character, it can be both helpful and fun to explore options and plan ahead with a tool for this. Popular multiplayer games typically have tools for this, but many single-player games do not. GameFractal shrinks that hole by a little bit, by providing some useful tools for a few single-player games.

What is Baldur's Gate 3?

Baldur's Gate 3 is a recent immersive role-playing video game developed by Larian Studios. Released in August 2023 after a long Early Access period, it has been extremely well received both by fans of, and newcomers to, the genre. The game is set in the Dungeon & Dragon's (D&D) tabletop game's world of Faerûn, and takes place after the events of the Baldur's Gate (1998) and Baldur's Gate 2 (2000) games. In terms of gameplay, the game is similar to Larian's own game Divinity Original Sin 2, though the mechanics have been changed significantly to align with D&D's 5th edition tabletop board game rules.

The game can be played alone or with up to four players, and has the player(s) create the character they explore the world with. The main characters of the story find themselves host to a Mindflayer parasite, and must find a way to rid themselves of it before their soul is snuffed out and they turn into monsters themselves. Along the way, they encounter countless others, get involved in their stories, make difficult choices, and get in plenty of fights along the way. The game focuses on both story and combat, and gives the players a lot of freedom to find creative solutions to problems.

How to use the character planner

For newcomers to Dungeons & Dragons, the builder can seem a bit overwhelming. If so, it may be best to play the game a bit more first, to get used to how things work. After that, simply explore the options at, and once something inspires you, pick that and explore what further choices feel fun and right for the character you'll have started "building".

What is Enderal?

Enderal is a highly acclaimed total conversion mod for Skyrim, offering a new open-world experience with its own setting, story, characters, and gameplay. Created by SureAI, it's known for its captivating originality and ability to work as its own, complete game, using Skyrim's engine.

How to use the character planner

The character planner for Enderal at is quite simple, and merely provides access to the game's character specialization "trees" outside of the game. Hover to read, and click to select (if you have already selected what is required). To remove a point, spend a point past what the Talent allows, and it will reset to 0.